Riffing on the classic Giant Sized X-Men cover, we present Axis Loki bursting out of the page. The idea, originally, was to have him being viewed by shocked Asgardians. The series writer, Al Ewing suggested the superb idea of making the onlookers various Loki through Marvel history instead. So, here it is. Rough through to finished colours below.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 19.07.29

4 thoughts on “LOKI: AGENT OF AXIS

  1. Lucy says:

    Woah, is this for October? Will you be collaborating on Avengers & X-Men : Axis like you did with Original Sin ? It’d make sense… what with Dr. Doom and Red skull on the other covers, I apparently needed the word “Axis” to trigger my brain and think it had something to do with it, though.
    Did you get to design Loki’s new costume? after the tenth realm stuff I guess it has something to do with the angels, it looks like their armour.
    Sorry for the amount of questions, I recently read Siege and I was hoping to see the bad guys teaming up again, so seeing all these is exciting.

  2. Lee Garbett says:

    Hi Lucy

    This cover will be for November. The DOOM cover is September. RED SKULL, October and this is November. I did design this costume. It’s ridiculous, really, but I figured that if LOKI was going to play the hero, he’d go all out and really ramp it up a notch.

    I’m not doing any more crossovers as such, I’ll be back on Agent of Asgard (or AXIS) from here on in, as far as I know.
    AXIS is the storyline which will run across the Marvel U and invert a lot of characters, i.e. good becomes bad and vice versa. Loki is, as always, a somewhat grey area. =)

    1. Lucy says:

      Damn, as if October hadn’t been far enough, I’ll have to set a reminder.
      I actually like the costume, it feels more practical than a helmet with horns and the upper part makes it undeniable that he’s still Loki, what with his passion for scaled fabric; he also hasn’t gotten full Saint Seiya and can still move around without sounding like a keychain, white is new for him too, which looks awesome and seems like a smart decision to make him appeal less evil.
      Mh, so AXIS will be a pretty big deal for Marvel, that is not good for my wallet but congratulations for being part of it.

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