LOKI AoA Issue 12 Interiors

King Thor vs King Loki. Interiors from LOKI: AoA #12 with gorgeous colours from Antonio Fabela

LOKI12P0203 LOKI12P04 LOKIAOA2014012002scol LOKIAOA2014012004_col


One thought on “LOKI AoA Issue 12 Interiors

  1. Lucy says:

    I’m so happy you posted these, I loved that panel with Loki at the throne the second I saw it when I read the issue, even those two friendly skulls at the very front. So much body language too, no speech bubbles needed.
    Sadly, AoA has not been officially translated in my country and customs is a pain in the neck here with an incredible 40% tax that guarantees nothing when it comes to receiving the object in good conditions, I can only show support by buying digital, sorry! but hey… someday, maybe.

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